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Life’s Uncertain Journey — by G. Nadine Davis

I wrote my book to share the story of how my life’s journey began in very disappointing circumstances. It tells how I grew up with a distinct loathing for God in my heart and rejected anything that represented Him. Incident after incident in my life provided me with more than enough evidence that there is no God. My diminishing sanity and raging rebellion led to an affiliation with demons too strong for me to conquer. They orchestrated a symphony of situations so hurtful that it caused me to seek the silence of death itself.

Book Reviews & Testimonies

  • Chick Lit Cafe Review

    The book is so good, that I believe that a person reading it will find healing, deliverance and ultimately salvation because of the grace of God and the sacrifice of Jesus, and the way Nadine Davis presents the gospel of Christ in it. Life’s Uncertain Journey is relatable on so many levels.

  • Ingenium Books

    It is so very clear that you are passionate about God and that you have devoted most of your life to Him. You have a gripping story that is at times shocking, at times wonderful, at times moving. Your story alone has the power to get people thinking.

    By far, the best thing going for this book is your personal story. What a journey! By telling your story with such openness, it comes off as authentic and compelling.

  • Sandy J.

    Nadine’s book is a testimony to what God can do, if we only believe and trust Him. She sets forth a road-map for young women (and men too) to follow in order to find their way back to God. From her experiences, Nadine speaks the truth. She was someone who had reached the depths of despair and was making all of the wrong decisions in her life. She had no Godly guidance, so she was set on a course to failure and despair.

    This is an uplifting book about change. Nadine’s story reveals what God can do if we only allow Him to enter our lives and take control. I believe that her book will be a great resource for church groups as well as for non-believers. Everyone can learn something if they only open their hearts and minds to absorb this simple lesson – He has the power to deliver us all.

  • Sharon

    You know what I loved most about this true-life story? Despite the darkness. Despite the tragedy and pain. Despite the setbacks … it’s a book of tremendous hope. And it’s a book that lifts high the name of Jesus and gives glory to God throughout. She shifts you back to the One who freed her, over and over. This book is about freedom and chains breaking and forgiveness and fresh starts and GRACE and power. I wept as I read, I smiled, and I felt awe at the glory and wonder of the lengths God will go to bring back one of His and chase after the ones He has chosen. Beautiful, deep story, full of scripture, full of encouragement and hope for your darkest days. I highly recommend it to you.

  • T. Biagas

    This book and your testimony blessed my heart so much. I have always been inspired by your love for God and your family. You are such a God sent for not only for the body of Christ but for every woman, wife, and mother all over the world.

  • Bookworm

    P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L is not sufficient enough to describe the impact of the testimony shared on these pages. God’s imprint is all over and throughout every single page! I could literally feel HIS TENDER LOVE in the words of John & Nadine’s transparent testimony. It is impossible to read this book and not be inspired by their journey. I urge you to purchase a copy TODAY! It will transform your life.

  • K.C.

    I enjoyed this book. I was part of a prayer group with the author, but I had not heard her story. The story is interesting and incredible. I appreciated the way she told her story but did not revel in it. It’s really a book of redemption, despite us. God is God and that’s why the author and her husband are still alive and not only alive but walking in Christ. What a blessing. I highly encourage this book.

  • J. Moreau

    This book is all about God’s faithfulness to seek and save the lost with his great love. It’s about trusting God as you pray and wait for a loved one to come to Christ. And it’s about walking alongside others to help each other live to honor God. It’s easy to read, honest with truths of who God is and what his word says. Reading it restored my hope in Christ and faith in him.

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